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Preferred EPCM partner - 40 years of experience

HRV Engineering is the leading EPCM company in Iceland with over 40 years of experience in services to the Icelandic aluminum industry, HRV Engineering´s specialized workforce provides clients with confidence that their projects will be delivered safely, on time, and within budget.

Large Projects

HRV Engineering is a specialized EPCM company with emphasis on aluminum projects. We have the strength, expertise and experience to take on any major project development, anywhere in the world, from concept to reality.

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Engineering Alliance

HRV Engineering Alliance delivers Engineering Service to aluminum smelters in co-operation with customer. Local presence is essential for delivering new and innovative services in the area of production optimization for smelters, along with Engineering Alliance work.

Engineering Alliance


HRV Engineering´s stakeholders are leaders in hydroelectric power in Iceland and have been involved in the design and construction of numerous hydropower plants since 1970's.

Hydroelectric Projects


HRV Engineering has a unique and impressive level of expertise and experience in the geothermal energy sector, as it´s holding companies have played a leading role in much of Iceland's geothermal development going back to the 1970's.

Geothermal Projects

Power Transmission

HRV Engineering´s holding companies play a major role in the complete preparation, analysis, design, construction management and inspection of electric power transmission towers and high voltage power transmission lines throughout Iceland.

Power Transmission


HRV Engineering´s holding companies have been key participants in the development of Iceland's infrastructure, including road and highway networks, geothermal heating networks, potable water, sewage systems, bridges, tunnels, airports and harbors.