From the Drawing Board to Completion

HRV Engineering has played a key role in most large-scale projects undertaken in Iceland in the past decades, as well as in projects abroad. We build our success on a multi-diciplinary team of highly trained and experienced professionals who provide services, advice and solutions required to take any project from the drawing board to completion. 

Rio Tinto Alcan - IPU Project

The ISAL Production Upgrade is the name of Rio Tinto Alcan´s project of increasing production capability in the Straumsvík plant up to almost 230,000 tons per year.


Rusal's KUBAL - Sweden

HRV Engineering was contracted to manage the conversion of Rusal´s Kubal aluminum plant in Sweden from Söderberg to pre-baked anode technology due to environmental as well as efficiency requirements.


Alcoa - Fjarðaál

HRV Engineering and the Bechtel Corporation as Bechtel-HRV were chosen by Alcoa to design and build the aluminum smelter in Reyðarfjörður, Iceland. Design began in the autumn of 2003 and the smelter was completed at the end of 2007.

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Norðurál - Grundartangi

HRV Engineering's involvement in the Norðurál project evolved from being a subcontractor to becoming the only EPCM service provider in an integrated team with the owner. The work was completed in 2007, bringing the total capacity up to 260,000 tpy.

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Norðurál - Helguvík

HRV Engineering is the main project management and engineering consultant for the Helguvík project. Preparations have been ongoing since 2004 and the plan is to construct the plant in three 90,000 ton installments with a possible addition of a fourth later on.

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Alcoa - Húsavík

HRV Engineering did preparatory work, including EIA for total production 346,000 tpy plant with all required support facilities and infrastructure which Alcoa has been planning for some years at Bakki by the town of Húsavík in the north of Iceland.

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HRV Engineering´s mother companies were responsible for diverse engineering services for the Kárahnjúkar hydroelectric project in East Iceland. A feasibility report was issued in 1999 and the project was completed in 2008.

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HRV Engineering´s mother companies played a leading role in the design and commission of Reykjavík Energy´s Hellisheiði geothermal power plant, the largest geothermal combined heat and power plant in Iceland.

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